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HackBeanpot is ...


We love interdisciplinary work that helps create a sense of community among hackers, especially those with different backgrounds. One successful project created last year was Birdsong, a twitter bot that analyzes the feel of a haiku and plays an algorithmically generated tune to match it. It was created by students from Northeastern, Berklee and UMass Amherst! 

A Community:

Last year, our 130 attendees came from schools all over the Boston area, including Northeastern, Boston University, Harvard, UMass Boston, Colby College and more. With a wide variety of majors such as computer science, audio technology, psychology, political science, and more, we love seeing what happens when we invent together.


At HackBeanpot we encourage trying something new! Mentors from various companies are here to guide hackers as they try new technologies. There's also a wide variety of tech talks put on throughout the weekend. Previous tech talks included topics such as ReactJS and designing great user interfaces.


While hackers do have a limited time to work on projects, we also like to relax and have fun. Last year during HackBeanpot 2017, we held the first ever Water Olympics, a flavored water testing competition! We also have had unconventional prize categories such as Most Fun and Least Likely To Make Money, so don’t fret about being the most technically advanced project.


We have seen some really unique projects in the past. Some highlights of HackBeanpot 2017 include Secure Stash, a pill/liquor cabinet that uses facial recognition to prevent the abuse of drugs and alcohol, and Infinity Warp Drive, a solution to get free unlimited cloud storage. Check them and other past projects here!


HackBeanpot's name was inspired by Boston's Beanpot college hockey tournament that happens around the same time of year. With sponsors consisting of local tech companies, such as Genuine, our host for 2018, and other local businesses, we love celebrating Boston culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

A hackathon is an event where people come together to work collaboratively to create and develop tech projects. Attending a hackathon is a great way to meet and work with new people, come up with exciting ideas, and learn interesting and relevant technologies.

Our next event is February 9-11th, 2018, and will be hosted by Genuine!

Unfortunately, tickets for HackBeanpot 2018 are sold out. Sign up for our mailing list above if you would like more information about future HackBeanpots!

In the past, there have been about 100-130 attendees. This year we are looking to expand to around 200 attendees.

Yes! People with all levels of experience attend HackBeanpot. If you get stuck, we have mentors to provide assistance. We care much more about fostering an environment where you can have fun and learn, than making an environment that only attracts an elite group of hackers. You can check out some of our old blog posts for some advice for first time hackers here and here.

Mentors will be available throughout the hackathon to help teams with their projects. They can help you fix bugs, work with APIs, and use other tools, but they cannot write any code for you.

You can make anything you want, as long as it follows our Code of Conduct! This is a great place to learn new things, or show off your existing skills to build something equally as awesome. If you're looking for inspiration, some companies will also offer prompts and themes during the event. You can also check out what hackers have developed in previous years.

Yes! HackBeanpot Inc. is not affiliated with any university, and the event is open to everyone who is at least 16 years old. This also includes grad students! If you will be under 18 at the start of the event, please contact us at [email protected] to fill out extra paperwork before the event.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide travel reimbursements.

If you want to, sure! Better yet, you can also upload your resume here, and we'll pass it along to our sponsoring companies. This way you can focus on building cool things instead of getting your resume to the recruiters present at the event.

No, there aren't. You can work with whoever you want. We suggest team sizes of 3–4 purely because those are easier to work with. Just keep in mind that prizes are generally budgeted for teams of 5 and under, but if you want to work with a larger group we're not going to stop you.

Nobody will actively stop you, however this is not what HackBeanpot is about. We want you to learn something new, write code quickly, and break a lot of things (preferably code things, not physical things). Working on an existing piece is fine, but it won't win you any prizes.

All meals are taken care of by HackBeanpot, along with some snacks sprinkled in throughout the weekend. We make sure that everyone has something to eat, no matter what. Just make sure to note your dietary restriction when registering. If we don't know about your restriction, we can't guarantee it'll be accommodated.

Since HackBeanpot 2018 is an overnight hackathon, some standard items are your laptop, phone, their chargers, a toothbrush, and any other things you need to be a functional human for the three days of the event. This blog post has a more comprehensive list of what to bring to HackBeanpot 2018!

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