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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event where people come together to work intensively on programming or hardware projects. Attending a hackathon is a great way to meet and work with new people, come up with exciting ideas, and learn interesting technologies.

When and where is this?

Our last event was March 24-26th 2017 and it was hosted by Genuine. Stay tuned for more info about our next event!

I don't have a lot of programming experience. Are hackathons for me?

Yes! People with all levels of experience attend HackBeanpot. If you get stuck, we have mentors to provide assistance. We care much more about fostering an environment where you can have fun and learn, than making an environment that only attracts an elite group of hackers.

What do people build? What technologies do people use?

You can make anything* you want! This is a great place to learn new things, or show off your existing skills to build something equally as awesome. If you're looking for inspiration, try checking out what some people did last year.

I am a student from ___. Is this hackathon open to students from my school?

Yes! HackBeanpot Inc. is not affiliated with any university, and is open to everyone who is at least 16 years old. If you will be under 18 at the start of the event, please contact us at [email protected] to get your complimentary extra paperwork before the event.

Wait, so are graduate students welcome?

That'd be a yes.

Should I bring my resume?

If you want to, sure! Better yet, you can also attach a resume to your registration, and we’ll pass it along to our sponsoring companies. This way you can focus on doing cool things instead of getting your resume to that awesome person you just met.

Are there team size limits?

No there aren't. You can work with whomever you want. We suggest team sizes of 3–4 purely because those are easier to work with. Just keep in mind that prizes are generally budgeted for teams of 5 and under, but if you want to work with a larger group, we're not going to stop you.

Can we work on old projects?

I mean, nobody is going to actively stop you, but this is not what HackBeanpot is about. We want you to learn something new, write code quickly, and break a lot of things (correction: break code. Please don’t break physical things. You will have to pay for those). Working on an existing piece is fine, but it won’t win you any prizes.

2017 Sponsors

Interested in sponsoring next year? Send an email to [email protected]!