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We've got stories to share

Here's a collection of stories from past attendees, organizers, and sponsors. Our goal is for everyone’s HackBeanpot experience to be as awesome as theirs was!

Shane Timmerman
Olivia Petrillo
Caitlin Wang
"There was definitely a lot of support and direction, both with the staff and mentors from actual companies. If you wanted to do something and didn’t know how to do it, there was definitely people you could talk to that would help you learn how. HackBeanpot had a lot of people just giving talks about things in computer science that people may want to learn, and I feel like that was really cool because it was so easy to learn and pick up new things."
Shane Timmerman, Past Attendee
Kelsey Esposito
Rob Antzack

...and we've got a story to tell.

In 2013, a small group of Northeastern students brought 80 students together at the Microsoft NERD Center for the very first HackBeanpot. It was an opportunity for students to express their creativity and explore their technical interests.

2020 marks our eighth annual event and carries forward the same mission we began with: to foster a diverse community of curious students and engage them with the Boston tech community.

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