HackBeanpot 2023

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Blast off!

Explore the stars with us at
our 10th annual event!

HackBeanpot 2022 is gonna be out of this world! Join our community of astronaut trainees* for a weekend of exploration, collaboration, and fun! (Oh, and did we mention free food and swag?)

Hackers can expect to put their resourcefulness to the test, while sharing stories, and learning new skills from peers. So whether you're a seasoned hackathon-goer, an ‘I-have-never-written-a-line-of-code’ beginner, or someone in-between, we’re excited for you to embark on this adventure with us!

*no actual astronaut training or experience necessary

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HackBeanpot is about...

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Discover new ideas and technologies (and maybe even galaxies?!) with the help of experienced mentors.

the HBP 2022 core team


Connect with fellow students and our partners in the Boston tech community. Build connections that will last for lightyears!

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Expand beyond your horizons and grow your current skill set in a safe and supportive environment.


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It was my first Hackathon, and I had a really great time - if you've never done one before, this is a great choice. Really good environment for people who want to learn something new, meet new people, and/or challenge themselves. It's basically what you make of it, and there was plenty of support available if you have no idea what you're doing.

Ben Henderson

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Meet this years captains behind HackBeanpot!

The HackBeanpot Core Team has been hard at work bringing HackBeanpot 2022 to a galaxy near you! We are a group of 22 driven students from universities in the Boston area who aim to make technical experience and knowledge accessible to anyone who’s interested.

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Cari Liu
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Sama El Tahawy
Vice President
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